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Associated Psychological Health Services  [an alternative mental health clinic located in Wisconsin]:


The Center for Spiritual Emergence  ["...provides wrap-around, concierge level services to help people live to their fullest potential by providing a transpersonally-based, systems-oriented, body-centered, and trauma-integrated approach to healing spiritual emergence, spiritual emergencies, and addictions"]:


Common Ground  [computer application that facilitates communication with mental health care workers]:


Cooper-Riis  [a  residential community in western North Carolina utilizing a comprehensive program that addresses "mind, body, spirit and heart"]:


Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care--Therapist directory [psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and treatment centers who indicate that they practice according to a strict set of human rights and recovery principles]:


Hope Line [run by Mother Bear Community Action Network]:

Telephone  --  1-855-IHOPE4U  (in the U.S.)


Inner Fire [a residential facility in Vermont, USA... "a proactive, healing community offering a choice for people to recover from debilitating and traumatic life challenges without the use of psychotropic medications."]:


INTAR’s directory of crisis centers:


ISEPP's directory of helping professionals:


MindFreedom International’s directory of mental health practitioners:


National Empowerment Center’s directory of peer-run crisis centers:


The Psychosis Therapy Project [Low-fee and subsidized long-term psychotherapy for people with psychosis, based in London, UK]:


Safe Harbor’s directory of alternative mental health practitioners:


Sequoia Psychotherapy Center  [an alternative mental health clinic located in central California]: 


Soteria Network  [a group devoted to setting up alternative residential facilities]:


Soteria Home -- Vermont, USA [a residential home that "offers an alternative approach to the experience of psychosis by providing person-centered adaptive care. Soteria has on-site psychiatry, but treats psychiatric medication as a personal choice and offers alternative modalities, including dream-work, breathwork, herbalism, and meditation."]:


Spiritual Crisis Network  [support for those undergoing spiritual crisis]:


Warmlines [directory of peer-run listening lines]:


Windhorse Associates  [home-based holistic support model]: 

     In central Colorado:

     In central California and Massachusetts: